3D Diamond

Keeping in mind my game I had decided to create a diamond. This diamond consists of 58 vertexes, 136 edges and 80 faces. Its mesh is rother simple. Constructing this model, I concentrated on studying how to create, set materials and lights. I also learned to use several common simple tools, for example:  Tris to Quads (Ctrl + J), Triangulate Faces (Ctrl + T), Checker Deselect.

3D Flowerpot

I need a lot of 3D objects for the gift levels of my game. As 3Ds Max is very unstable (it crushes from time to time in my computer but it is always unexpectedly for me), I decided to move to Blender. Here I represent the first object developed by me from the creating the mesh to rendering. This flowerpot was done on the base these two excellent tutorials Blender Tutorial For Beginners: Coffee Cup – 1 and 2 .