About me

My name is Natalia Siren. I am graduated in Game Arts and Design from Amiedu. I am creative, open-minded to new tools, technologies, self-motivated and purposeful person by nature.

I am excited to work with 3D graphics-technologies, excited to model, to rig, to texture and to render using Blender and Photoshop. I have good knowledge of creating low- and high-poly 3D characters and objects, good understanding of human and animal anatomy and importance of topology. I have both 3D and 2D animation experience, e. g. in Flash, Photoshop, Unity (2D character and an environment. See Kindred Official Trailer – post. My graphic, the water and the owl animations are represented between 29 and 42 seconds.) , 3dsMax, Blender.

I also have experience of game development including scripting and understand technical limitations of the mobile devices through my own project.



About blog

The earliest posts of this blog were written during my studies at Amiedu. It is easy to find all of them by clicking on School exercises under Categories.

The posts under 2D Graphics and Operating in the Production Environments and Processes of the Game Graphics and also three posts ( written in November and December 2016) under Animations were posted when I was working on my graduating papers and they are some kind of answers to demands set by the school. My personal game project was Searching for the Brilliant Carrot (Hidden Objects).

Since April I have concentrated on 3D modeling as I am going to create 3D Hidden Objects game.


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