Lighting, Rendering and Effects in Unity3D

The task was to carry out the game effects and lighting in Unity.

Unity3D is the very multi-faceted game engine. In order to experiment with lights and effects, I created a new project in Unity3D and added a terrain to a scene. Using the terrain tools, I raised the terrain, painted height, smoothed height, painted textures and placed trees.   I got textures, trees and grasses by importing Unity3D’s Environment Package to the project. After creating  cubermap (instructions can be found here) I was able to set the cubermap to a sunset skybox . Using Directional Light settings I got the sunset time to the scene.

A Particles effect was used for creating the exhaust fumes and Spot lights for creating car’s headlamps.

In the picture below there is the result of playing with textures and materials. As it can be seen from the picture, the first car has only two materials which the rendering mode is Opacue, the used maps are Alberto and Normal ones. The second car has own materials  for the chrome parts, the glass, the lamps etc.


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