The 3D Hare

I found a lot of pictures and excellent videos as  reference material for the game hare. Hares are very quick and for me it is a little bit difficult to divide their movements to frames. My game is the isometric game and I did not plan to work with a 3D model and animate it. But then… after lengthy consideration… I decided to create 3D hare. It must be fun and I would learn a lot… And what is the best I will be able to render my cute model.


It Is Great to Learn More

I had set a plan to develop my own competence. Step by step I am carrying out the plan goals by familiarizing with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Unity Remote.

In the picture below there are several examples. The objects were created with using Illustrator 3D effect, Mesh and Gradient tools. The Normal and Bump maps were generated with 3D filter of Photoshop.