Game Worlds Conceptualization

Select one historical era and place (e.g. 1850’s Paris) together with your team. Search for this era photos/pictures and investigate buildings, architecture, people’s clothing, typical tools, means of transport and the landscape in general. Make a concept plan for the game world. Concept artwork must be historically realistic but the style is free (realistic, cartoon, etc.). Drawings may be at approximate level / unfinished.

The concept of art should include many different images, which show the following:

  • Landscape with buildings
  • At least one human figure
  • At least one object / vehicle typical of this era.

The team chose Ancient Greece which lasted from the 8th century BC to the 6th century AD.

A chariot is a two-wheeled, horse-drawn vehicle. In Latin biga is a two-horse chariot, and quadriga is a four-horse chariot. It was used for battle, travel, processions and in games. The dual-chariot was one of the most largely used chariot in the Aegean area. It is characterized by semi-circular extensions attached to the back of the chariot box. These extension were probably made from heat-bend wood with either textile or ox-hide stretched across the frame. The box also seems to have had the same covering, which enclosed it on three sides.

The Agora was a central spot in ancient Greek city-states. Early in Greek history (18th century–8th century BC), free-born citizens would gather in the agora for military duty or to hear statements of the ruling king or council. Later, the agora also served as a marketplace.


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